13 x 48min episodes


Volunteers is a frank, dramatic look at those members of our society who decide to make a difference by giving their time and expertise for free. They are our unsung heroes and Volunteers will be both a tribute and gripping exposé of the people who often put their lives on the line. We want to find out why these people do what they do.

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Volunteers exposes the viewer to a different side of public service.

Focusing on individual character portraits, Volunteers aims to capture the action, emotion, highs and lows as they happen: uncensored and without judgement. After in-depth research our crews could spend 10 days or nights with the primary subject, or, in the case of a paramedic, one dramatic adrenaline-pumping 8 hour shift.

Volunteers will aim to understand what drives these individuals to put so much more into society than the average person. By witnessing what they do on a daily basis we will be able to form a picture of their hopes and ambitions, their strengths and their failings. Some are driven by a moral compass and altruistic goals, some by ego. There are volunteers that want to be needed and others in search of their own redemption.

From firefighters confronting terrible physical danger, to Medicins San Frontieres’ peer counsellors, battling the twin pandemic of AIDS/TB on the front lines in their communities as well as in their own bodies, Volunteers is an intimate portrait of courage. The series should not only entertain and challenge viewers but should inspire them to become volunteers themselves.

Many of the institutions explored are also internationally prolific. Although season one of Volunteers will be focused on South Africa, if audience response is good, it is easily transferable to a global platform.

Above all, Volunteers will be an alternative look at what makes us human.