It’s about stilettos and alter-egos, tucking and tiaras, glitz and ganglands.

Matthew produced this feature documentary, directed by his wife Lauren Beukes. The film was nominated fro BEST DOCUMENTARY at The Atlanta Film Festival (2012) and won BEST LBGT FILM at The San Diego Black Film Festival.

As 14 contestants battle it out for the title of Miss Gay Western Cape in South Africa’s biggest female impersonator pageant, we follow three contestants through the prelim rounds, into the back-stories of their lives, all the way to the outrageous spectacle of the night.

The Princess

Glamour girl Kat and her long-term partner Errol are being hailed as the “Posh ‘n’ Becks” of the gay scene. As a cabaret star, Kat is all about the bling, but she’s barely holding it together after a string of tragedies, including the death of her father two weeks before the grand finale. Errol’s pushing her to finish, but she’s seriously considering dropping out.

The Mechanic

Eva is the ambitious newbie on the ramp; she’s a motor mechanic by day who overcame homophobia in her workplace with jokes and charm. But will breaking out her ballroom dancing moves be enough to carry her through to the finals when it’s her first time in the spotlight?

The Pre-Op

Cirque Du Soleil contortionist Kayden is the seasoned pageant pro who has won 59 titles already. But the other contestants claim she has an unfair advantage – as a pre-op transsexual on female hormones, she has real boobs. It’s the last time she’ll be able to enter this pageant before she goes for the operation, so the stakes are high.

Shot in HD, the film is both gritty and glamorous, capturing the humour, the drama, tears and triumphs of the girls who step out from the Cape Flats and onto the ramp to vie for the tiara – and the chance to prove themselves.