SpiritClips.com released Matthew’s short documentary just two weeks before the tragic death of it’s subject, Bret Jackelow. After a previous accident many years before Bret had his hip removed (resulting in one leg being 30cm shorter than the other) and became addicted to painkillers. In an amazing feat of mind over matter, and with the determination of his trainer, Lauren Gillis, Bret completed the 2009 New York Marathon on crutches.

This documentary tells of the emotional and physical trials Bret had to go through to get to the finish line. The film can be seen on SpiritClips.com, a website dedicated to uplifting and inspirational content, founded by Academy Award winning producer Rob Fried (The Boondock Saints, Collaterall, Godzilla)

Bret was killed in a motorcar accident in December 2012